Calendar and Branding

Why are calendars the best marketing channel to your target audience?
Your brand’s presence, every day, in their environment raises the comfort level of your customers. It reminds them that your brand is there for them. That good feeling is stimulated again and again, subliminally, quietly – your brand, in sight and in mind. No other form of advertising can come close to touching the target audience so frequently.

Visibility for the long run
On average, a person looks at a calendar 12 times a day, 84 times a week. After 365 days, your brand will leave a definite impression: 4,380 times! Compare other forms of media to calendars.

Even better, the variety of calendar formats and unlimited custom design possibilities result in a high perceived-value package for your brand’s image and message.

What percentage of your advertising budget should you put toward a hard-working advertising calendar program?
83% of customers purchase products or services from the advertiser who supplied them with a calendar, while only 78% did business with the advertiser before receiving the calendar. 94% of all business people can recall the advertising message on their calendars.

Dealer/Agent Advertising
Cooperative advertising programs are enhanced with the addition of calendars that promote each individual location to customers. If you don’t have a dealer program, Card Calendars can help design and implement a complete promotion plan to strengthen your dealer/agent business building activities.

Image Building
To launch a new product to customers or to reinforce your brand image in a new way, calendars are a time-tested business-to-business marketing tool.

Internal Brand Building
Too often, companies and organizations overlook the importance of building their brand among their own people. Employees and other associates represent the brand every day to the outside world – their influence on brand image cannot be over estimated. Human resources, corporate communications and internal sales departments, who know the power of internal calendar promotions, are turning staff members into their most effective brand advocates.

Cause Marketing
Large non-profit organizations have experienced remarkable response from members who receive a calendar along with a request for donation – achieving a rate of 15% – that is ten times the typical response rate for direct mail! When combined with the average donation of $11 per response, the ROI of these campaigns is unmatched.

Business Gift Giving
The promotion industry’s most complete selection of professional planners, premium quality diaries, hard-working desk calendars, as well as a stunning collection of wall calendars are all available for customization with your brand imprint and messaging. Gifts like these deliver your personal thanks and appreciation to your important customers every time they are used.

Sponsorships for Non-Profits
Charitable organizations often find that joining forces with a for-profit business to fund a calendar program for its members and contributors can bring much needed energy to their fundraising and membership building efforts. And the sponsoring business benefits from the distribution of the calendars to new customers.

Retail Customer Loyalty
Put new traffic-building coupons in your customers’ hands every month and measure the effect of this dynamic style of calendar marketing on increasing retail sales and strengthening customer loyalty. It’s this kind of rewarding program that CCP can help bring to life for your business with our expertise in program management and vendor communications.

Creative Development
Whether working in concert with your agency or tapping the talents of our own staff of creative professionals, CCP will develop the messaging, imagery and format that provides the strongest support for your brand image and advertising goals.

Production and Fulfillment
The specialized knowledge of calendar publishing, gained in over a century of experience, gives CCP the edge in delivering exactly what you ordered when your audience needs it.


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